Day: March 21, 2023

Omega Network creates easy crypto mining services and decentralized payment technology.

Leicester, United Kingdom, 21st Mar 2023 – Omega Network, a decentralized open-source payment technology, announced today its latest efforts to provide a true alternative currency with similar functions to Pi Network. The company aims to make Om a gold coin and Pi a diamond coin by focusing on decentralization and security through the use of […]

Bitget will list SPACE ID (ID) in the Innovation Zone on 22nd March 2023

Decentralised identities gets a major boost.  VICTORIA, Seychelles, March 21, 2023, SPACE ID (ID) will be listed in the Bitget Innovation Zone 10AM, 22th March (UTC). Bitget Innovation Zone enables traders to discover the latest innovative assets like leveraged tokens, DeFi tokens, AI tokens, and more. As the world moves further into Web3, decentralised identities […]

Zephyr Social Change Putting The Power Of Social Media At Their Client’s Fingertips 

London, United Kingdom — Zephyr Social Change is allowing its clients to earn and grow their social profile. Zephyr Social Change is revolutionizing the social media industry through the use of its cutting-edge, blockchain-based technology. The platform allows its users to grow socially and make money through genuine interactions that helps boost interaction contracts and aid […]

To Empower Digitalization in China, Crazy Mars Squirrel Breaks Through NFT’s Value Dilemma

United States, 21st Mar 2023 – The fulfillment of the development plan of Crazy Mars Squirrel has brought its project value to prominence. Recently, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Crazy Mars Squirrel team and a Chinese firm – Zhejiang Mars Century, signifying the brand authorization of Crazy Mars Squirrel is open to joint […]

Cosmic Dolphins Corporation Set to Launch World’s First Swiss-Made Privacy-Focused Phone LvL 50

Lausanne, Switzerland – The Cosmic Dolphins Corporation has announced the launch of the world’s first Swiss-made smartphone focused on privacy and security. Cosmic Dolphins Corporation, a technology company based in Switzerland, is dedicated to offering inventive solutions that give prominence to privacy and security. The innovative phone has been designed to allow users to decide which information […]

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