Day: October 23, 2023

World Cloud Show: Empowering Indonesia’s Digital Transformation Journey

Indonesia’s digital transformation journey is gearing up to witness a new chapter as Trescon prepares to host the 22nd edition of the World Cloud Show in Jakarta. The much-awaited event on 7th November 2023 at the renowned Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Mega Kuningan, will host top tech titans, decision makers and innovators to discuss the latest trends […]

A Night of Prestige and Glamour – 2nd Annual Middle Women Leaders Awards Gala 2023

Dubai, UAE, 23rd October 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, “Empowerment isn’t a destination but a continuous journey of growth, challenge, and resilience. Today I see women not just seeking a seat at the table, but redesigning the table altogether.” Said Roberto Croci – Director, Value Creation & Transformation at Public Investment fund – in anticipation of […]

Giga ML Secures $3.6M Seed Funding to Revolutionize Enterprise Deployment of Large Language Models

Giga ML raises $3.6 million to redefine secure enterprise deployment of large language models with the rapidly advancing X1 Series. San Francisco, CA, 23rd October 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Giga AI, Inc. has raised $3.6 million in seed funding to further its goal of helping businesses safely implement on-premises deployments of large language models. Nexus Venture […]

Photographer Stanislav Kondrashov Reflects on Some of His Most Memorable Shoots

London, UK, 23rd October 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Stanislav Kondrashov, a gifted photographer celebrated for his unique ability to capture the essence of family events and urban scenes, recently took part in an insightful interview. During the interview, Kondrashov delved into the archives of his extensive body of work, sharing anecdotes and reflections on some […]

Craig Chrest, A Talent Acquisition Expert, Gives Insights On What a Hiring Manager Looks For in An Interview

Los Angeles, California, 23rd 0ctober 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Craig Chrest, a distinguished figure in the realm of recruitment, renowned for his exceptional contributions in Corporate TA for Industries in Energy, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices, Information Systems, and Information Technology, offers invaluable insights into what hiring managers seek during the interview process. […]

CryptoINK Unveils Multi-Business Platform, Uniting Binance Smart Chain with Versatility

United States, 23rd Oct 2023, King NewsWire – CryptoINK, the innovative force in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, proudly launched on 9th FEB 23 its groundbreaking Multi-Business Platform. This platform promises to unlock limitless possibilities and is set to revolutionize the way businesses and individuals engage with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Dubbed […]

FigureArt Store Unleashes Limited-Edition Yu Yu Hakusho Collectibles.

In an exciting development for anime enthusiasts and collectors, FigureArt Store has revealed its latest offering – a series of limited-edition Yu Yu Hakusho collectibles. This announcement has stirred a buzz among fans of the beloved anime series and adds to the growing treasure trove of captivating figurines from the FigureArt Store. A Glimpse into […]

Introducing BOTiFi.Ai: The World’s First Emotionless and Smart Decentralized Exchange That Trades Itself.

Beyond Ordinary, Unveil the Future of #CryptoTrading with the World’s First AI-Powered Smart DEX! India, 23rd Oct 2023, King NewsWire – BOTiFi.Ai revolutionizes the world of cryptocurrency trading with its groundbreaking AI-powered, non-custodial, and emotionless decentralized exchange. Unlike traditional exchanges, BOTiFi.Ai operates 24/7, providing automated, risk-free, and profitable trading free from human emotions and errors […]

Patient Prism Unveils Multi-Language Support, Marking a Significant Leap in Conversational Intelligence

Tampa, Florida, United States, 23rd Oct 2023 – Patient Prism, the world’s premier platform in conversational intelligence, has announced its latest feature: robust multi-language support. Catering to growing demand from Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions, this release further solidifies Patient Prism’s commitment to breaking language barriers in healthcare communication. The platform’s new linguistic support includes: […]

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