Dr. Ji Han, NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management, Announces Treatment for Blocks for Pain Management

New York City, NY, 8th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, At NY Spine Care, individuals suffering from pain can expect quality care and effective treatments tailored to meet their specific needs. The experienced physician, Ji Han, and his team provide interventional pain management services that aim to alleviate pain and improve overall quality of life. Nerve blocks, one of the many services offered, provide relief to those suffering from chronic or acute pain. At NY Spine Care, they understand that pain can take a toll on an individuals’ daily life, which is why they are committed to providing comprehensive healthcare. With NY Spine Care, patients can trust that their wellbeing is prioritized and that they will receive top-notch care.

NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management is an excellent resource for those seeking high-quality treatment for their chronic pain. With a focus on individualized care, this facility ensures that each patient receives the unique and specialized attention they require. Regardless of whether one is experiencing discomfort in their neck, arms, shoulders, hands, lower back, or legs, the team at NY Spine Care has solutions up its sleeves. 

Thanks to the facility’s minimally invasive diagnostic nerve block injections, patients can determine the source of their pain without requiring invasive surgical treatment. Diagnostic nerve block injections are an effective non-surgical treatment for low back pain related to arthritis. This minimally-invasive procedure involves injecting anesthetic medication near small medial nerves connected to specific facet joints. It is common for several levels of the spine to be injected in one procedure. The primary goal of this procedure is to determine the source of pain. If a patient experiences substantial pain relief shortly after the injection, it indicates that the facet joint is the origin of the pain. However, a second diagnostic injection is administered to confirm the results. This method is an excellent technique for identifying the root cause of pain and developing a personalized treatment plan for patients. Those who have experienced two medial branch blocks with good results may be candidates for medial branch radiofrequency neurotomy, a longer-term pain relief procedure. 

NY Spine Care specializes in offering patients a variety of effective pain relief treatments. Among the options available is Epidural injections, which involve injecting steroids to reduce inflammation of the nerves to relieve pain. NY Spine Care is equipped to guide the needle during this live x-ray procedure, called fluoroscopy, to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. Patients can trust NY Spine Care to offer personalized treatments that cater to their unique health needs and concerns.

NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management is a team of experts led by Dr. Ji Han, an experienced pain medicine doctor with over two decades of professional experience in the field. Dr. Han has held several distinguished positions, including Director of Pain Management at NY Presbyterian Hospital-Queens and Queens Medical Associates Center, and has completed his residency training at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center. With fellowship training at Weill Cornell Medical Center, the Hospital for Special Surgery, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute, Dr. Han has established himself as a leading authority on pain management. He is known for providing compassionate care to his patients, helping countless individuals find relief from their pain. The team at NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management is dedicated to offering personalized care tailored to each patient’s unique needs. 

To learn more about how Dr. Ji Han’s NY Spine Care Interventional Pain Management can help you visit: https://www.nyspinecarepain.com 

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