Learn the Necessity of Affirmative Action for Equality and Opportunity in Marco Portales’s Book – Why Affirmative Action Remains Necessary, Now Available Online

When a longstanding national debate regarding affirmative action is at its climax, Marco Portales unveils his memoir, Why Affirmative Action Remains Necessary. This thought-provoking memoir comes on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to mandate colorblind college admissions and hiring practices. The ruling has ignited discussions nationwide, and Marco Portales aims to discuss its repercussions on people of color and individuals seeking hiring opportunities with higher pay. 

While sharing his unique perspective on the contentious topic, the author aims endeavors to defend Affirmative Action. He gives readers insights regarding this historic policy, along with the consequences of revoking it, placing the significance of this book as a reflection of the beneficiaries and supporters of Affirmative Action. 

Even today, equality and equity are debatable and Portales’ memoir aims to preserve balance. To that end, he encourages readers to thoughtfully consider the beneficiaries of the affirmative action programs. By presenting a narrative that is both informative and eye-opening, the author shares a broader view of the challenges faced by people of color.

As Should the U.S. Supreme Court revisits the issue of Affirmative Action, Portales’ memoir becomes a must-read resource for all parties involved. People of color, politicians, journalists, news anchors, lawyers, and everyone will be affected by the removal of this cornerstone policy.

About the Author:

Marco Portales is a highly accomplished author and former tenured faculty member in the Department of English at Texas A&M University. With five decades of academic experience, Portales has dedicated his career to literature, teaching, and to exploring the narratives of underrepresented voices. He holds a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo and has contributed significantly to American literature. Portales’ background and insightful perspective make him a compelling voice in the ongoing dialogue on Affirmative Action and equality.

Marco Portales’s Why Affirmative Action Remains Necessary is not a story but an explanation of the long siege against equality. It broadens perspective, challenges assumptions, and engages readers in thoughtful conversation regarding the legitimacy of governing policies. Buy your copy today and learn to make a positive difference for people of color and workers looking for financial advancement. 

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